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12. februar 2015

ASIS&T Information Science & Technology Conference for the first time in Europe


The Annual Meeting of the Association for Information Science and Technology has previously only be held in the US or Canada. In 2016, the conference comes to Copenhagen.

Diane H. Sonnenwald, professor at RSLIS, has been working hard and successfully in order to convince ASIS&T to hold its Annual Meeting outside North America, and in particular, in Copenhagen. Ragnhild Riis assisted in identifying potential additional activities for attendees. On the 16-18 of October 2016, the annual meeting will be held out of US and Canada for the first time.

Networking and sharing

ASIS&T has members from a range of disciplines and professions. Information scientists, social scientists, computer scientists, as well as information professionals working in industry, such as pharmaceutical and chemical industries, government, and non-profit organizations, such as libraries and hospitals, are members in ASIS&T. They share common interests regarding the interplay of people, information, technology and society.
At the ASIS&T Annual Meeting individuals discuss recent and ongoing research, and best practices. They also discuss challenges facing individuals, organizations and society regarding access, sharing, use, curation and creation of information. Approximately 500 people attend the Annual Meeting each year.

 -People like to join our conference because they can network with international scholars from across the information sciences. The ASIS&T Annual Meeting is a place where people present their research and projects, and have opportunities to interact with students and colleagues from around the world, explains Diane Sonnenwald. ASIS&T papers are peer-reviewed, and archived in several scholarly databases.

Nordic Spirit along with Knowledge Organization

Topics the 2016 Annual Meeting will include are: Human Information Interaction, Health Informatics, Information Retrieval, Information Policy, Social Informatics, Information Visualization, Information Design, Knowledge Organization, Data Science, Data Curation, and Infometrics.
Diane Sonnenwald will like to introduce the Nordic spirit to the conference and right now she is looking for funding to help PhD students from around the world attend.

 -Researchers, students and practitioners attend the ASIS&T Annual Meeting and we are trying further support Master and PhD student attendance and participation.
Other staff at RSLIS who are members of ASIS&T include Professor Jens-Erik Mai, Professor Peter Ingwersen, Professor Birger Hjørland, and Niels-Peder Hjoellund. RSLIS is an institutional member.